Player's Guide

Ability scores are generated using the rules in the Player’s Handbook.  Roll 4d6 and record the total of the highest three dice.  Repeat five more times.  Player’s may assign these six numbers to their abilities as they see fit.  Player’s may also use the predetermined scores of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 or use the point buy system on p13 of the Player’s Handbook if they do not wish to roll for their scores. 


All races from the Player’s Handbook are present in Azura including Variant Human. Other published races may be acceptable if the player discusses it with the DM prior to the character generation session.


All classes from the Player’s Handbook are allowed and other published classes may be acceptable if the player discusses it with the DM prior to the character generation session.


Player’s may choose any background from the Player’s Handbook or use the following rules to create their own custom background.

  1. Choose any feature from the published backgrounds in the Player’s Handbook. I.e. Criminal Contact from the Criminal background.
  2. Choose any two skills to be proficient in.
  3. Choose a total of two tool proficiencies or languages.
  4. In lieu of number 3 above, a player may choose one weapon (not weapon type) from the list on page 149 of the Player’s Handbook.
  5. Choose starting equipment from one of the published backgrounds in the Player’s Handbook.


Players may use the starting equipment from their class and background or purchase starting gear on their own.  If players wish to purchase their own starting gear, they will start with the maximum GP for their class based on p143 in the Player’s Handbook.  Only items listed in   Chapter Five of the Player’s Handbook may be purchased as starting equipment.


Players Characters hail from one of the Three Kingdoms of Azura based on their race.  Player's can work with the DM to find suitable homes for races not listed below.

  1. Humans – The Nation of Isigoth
  2. Elves – Syldor (Drow are the exception.  Drow settlements are located near the Lower Mountains of Haerventh as they contain the only entrances to the Underdark in Azura)
  3. Dwarves – Mount Haerventh
  4. Halfling – Villiages and towns are located in and under the protrection of the Syldor
  5. Dragonborn – Settlements are located north of the Mount Hearventh.  The Dwarves lay claim to the land but the Dragonborn do not respect the claim.
  6. Gnomes – Villages and towns are located in and are under the protection of Mount Haerventh.
  7. Half-Elves – Can choose either The Nation of Isigoth or the Syldor.  The Nation of Isigoth is a more favorable environment to Half-Elves.
  8. Half-Orcs – The only race not affiliated with one of the Three Kingdoms.  Half-Orc tribes settle in the south west between the borders of the Elven and Human Kingdoms
  9. Tiefling – The Tiefling settlements are on the far south borders of The Nation of Isigoth.  Like the Dragonborn, they do not recognize the claim on their lands by the Human Kingdom.   

Players may choose to name the village, town, city, or settlement from which they hail to suit their background.  If they choose to be from a capital city, the DM will provide the name for them.

Player's Guide

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