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  • Resplendar

    Resplendar is the name of the central region of Azura.  Its capital city, of the same name, is the largest city on the continent and is prized for the lush resources found throughout the region.

    No one Kingdom of Azura controls …

  • Syldor

    Syldor, the region of Azura populated by the elves.  Filling the northwest portion of the continent, Syldor is home to halflings as well.  Its capital city,

    Mount Haerventh

    Mount Haerventh is the northeast region of the Azuran continent.  The majority of the landscape is covered by tall snow-capped mountains stretching tens of thousands of feet into the sky.  The dwarves built their capital city of the …

  • The Nation of Isigoth

    The southern most region in Azura, aside from Caliginar, the Nation of Isigoth is home to humans.  Being the only Kingdom with a border to Caliginar, Isigoth is under constant struggle to keep the evil at bay.  For their efforts, Isigoth …

  • Caliginar

    Caliginar makes up the majority of the southern area of Azura.  Home to great evil and unseen monstrosities, none who enter its most southern areas ever return.  Its northern border, however, is in constant fluctuation as the ebb and …

  • Valdier Village

    The village below the temple where Embergrim grew up.

    The Temple above the village is secluded.  An ancient and consecrated place.

    Valdier in the Grotto

    The Temple where Embergrim and his Father lived.

  • Azura

    Will be updated as the story progresses.

    Don't laugh and no Ryan didn't draw it......

    Although I should have had …

  • Kelthra Forest

    Few other than elves have seen the great wooded cities nestled deep in the Kelthra Forest.  The path in is never the same as the path out.  Some say that an unseen magic causes the plant life to grow at alarming rates and new routes must …

  • College of Hansmenth

    The College of Hansmenth is located on a grand estate a days travel from [[Rhogren]].

    It is a College of magic and the secret training ground for the Aurers, a group of powerful wizards, led by the Headmaster of the School.

    They …

  • Kirshneck

    The city of Kirshneck is a sprawling underground dwarven metropolis of enormous size.  Only the capital city of [[Mount Haerventh]] can claim to be larger.  Its many entrances are found in the southern valley of the Lower Mountains of …