Every Herald gets an assistant


The Destroyer sends a watcher and guide to all of his Heralds. Embergrim has rejected his heritage by Xtaclaxal has stayed with him to both terrorize him, but also because secretly Xtaclaxal is amused by his charge’s struggles.

Secretly, Xtaclaxal is hoping Embergrim will have a terrible fall, so the longer he goes “good” the better the fall will be. He doesn’t mind helping him in the “small wins” if that gets Embergrim closer to a tragic return to his heritage.

Xtaclaxal appears to Embergrim in his dreams as a hooded, desiccated corpse in a rotten, but fine court dress or as a flying imp with two sets of wings and a long tail, like a flying sea horse. He’ll be purple or blood red, depending on his mood.

Xtaclaxal can be mischievous and troublesome but he is also pure evil and will be violent and vengeful.

He is a dangerous spirit can manifest in the real world as a terrible poltergeist.



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