The Three Kingdoms of Azura


The Three Kingdoms of Azura nearly fought themselves to extinction during The Great War (as it is now called).  The last of the Dwarves hid away in the depths of Mount Haerventh.  The Elves retreated to their cities in the region of Syldor.  Humans maintained control of Resplendar the area of the continent whose resources were the cause of the conflict.  This control however came at a steep price.  The Nation of Isigoth, the Humans homeland was left for the most part, undefended.  A sinister evil arose from the south east.  Hordes of undead awoke from their slumber and nearly destroyed what remained of the Three Kingdoms.


As legend goes, three clerics, one from each kingdom, unbeknownst to each other, fell to their knees and prayed to their Gods for an end to all the death and destruction.  They asked for forgiveness for their nation’s part in the War.  They finished their prayers simultaneously.  It was at this moment when a crack in the sky opened up and a loud thunderclap was heard across the continent.  Hurricane force winds pushed through the continent from the Aldurian Sea in the north and swept the undead armies back to the far reaches of the south.  The people of the Three Kingdoms were left untouched by the winds.


As the winds died down a voice came from the crack in the sky.  All of Azura heard the following:


“People of Azura, I am The Protector.  For too long you have fought over the gifts provided to you.  Your childish squabbles have nearly destroyed Azura and allowed the evil spawn of The Destroyer, to regain power.

If it were not for three of your kind, The Protector would have left you to your demise.  Their devotion to The Protector has given you a second chance.  Your second chance comes at a price however.  You will no longer be left to govern yourselves.  Rebuild what you have destroyed.  By the end of the century, The Protector will return and take physical form as one of you to rule Azura from the city of Resplendar.  Be warned.  Failure to restore Azura before The Protector’s return will have dire consequences”


An as quickly as the crack in the sky opened, another thunderclap sounded and the crack was sealed.


It has been nearly 1,000 years since the end of the Great War.  The Protector has ruled Azura and peace has been maintained.  The Protector’s first form was that of a dwarf and has changed every hundred years between the races of the Three Kingdoms (Elf, Dwarf, Human) since.  But something is amiss in Azura.  There have been no appearances of The Protector in nearly a decade.  Sightings of undead have been reported in the southern villages of Isigoth.  The nights have grown longer with most days seeing only three or four hours of sunlight.  Minor scuffles have started on the borders between the Three Kingdoms as rumors begin to spread of The Protector’s death and the rise of The Destroyer. 


Azura is on the brink of a second Great War.  Is it too late to stop it?


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The Three Kingdoms of Azura

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