Uther Vanderslain


A middle-aged human male. The characters first meet Uther upon their escape from a house on a farm outside the Villager of Forstshire. Uther releases the characters from their prison in the attic of the house. He obviously works for/with the group that captured the characters as he wears the same red robes however, he did not have a mask like the other “cultists.”

While in Forstshire, the party learns that Uther Vandersalin has been dead for 5 years. The burned down ruins of his home is still present in the northeast corner of Forstshire. The party learns that Uther was a member of the Order of Scion. The Order wears red cloaks. The party investigated Uther’s home and found a burned red book. The only thing legible was “Order of”


Uther Vanderslain

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