Stand aside, the magical authorities have arrived!


Robert’s Character Sheet is Here: Nolan_-Robert_Lv_1_-Craigs.pdf

His Spell Book is Here: Nolan_-Robert_the_Wizard_-_CraigsGame.pdf

Robert is an Aurer, a wizard that works for the College of Hansmenth. The College is both an institution of magical learning and research, but also secretly trains and keeps a team of specialty wizards that travel to help the forces of good when called upon.

Robert is a researcher and alchemist who specializes in ancient tomes. He was recently promoted to be an Aurer after it was discovered that he had been taught how to be a healer from an early age by his grandfather.

Robert is also in possession of an ancient book that he discovered in a dark corner of the library. He started reading it, but at some point fell asleep. When he woke he could remember nothing about the contents of the book and to his surprise discovered that he had been in the library for nearly two days. He had lost all track of time. The only thing he remembered about the book is that had to protect it and keep it in his possession.



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