Aukan Flinthearted

A protector of the mountains and his friends


Aukan is 8’ tall and built like a mountain. He comes from a tribe of guides and wanderers that help protect the mountains from monsters. Aukan’s best friend is a Gnome Ranger named Fruddwan typically travels with him. They have been friends for years and make quite the pair, an 8" tall goliath fighting with 3’4" gnome.

You came across a prospector camp that had been attacked by an owlbear. Fruddwan headed after the owlbear to track it and Aukan escorted the injured prospectors back to Kirshneck. The prospectors told him that they thought they had found the entrance to an ancient dwarven mine and wanted to return to prospect it after recovering from their wounds.

In Kirshneck Aukan became a bit of a celebrity after rescuing the prospectors. Despite his celebrity he is only staying in town a few more days before heading back to the mountains. He wants to meet back up with Fruddwan and catch the owlbear.

His Character Sheet is here: Porter_-Aukan_-_CraigsGame.pdf


Aukan Flinthearted

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